You look after others - who's looking after you?

You believe passionately in what you do. You love to make a difference by helping others, but this means you often work long hours and it’s hard to prioritise your own wellbeing.

You’re ready to put your values at the heart of your life and career, and choose a path that gives you more fulfilment.

As a former teacher of 30 years, I specialise in working with individuals in the public sector and the caring professions to create what they want in life and work, whilst maintaining a feeling of balance. My clients include doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, teachers and social workers. 

"​It was an experience I would repeat and certainly recommend."

There's more to life- I can help you find it.

I can empower you to make the right choices in your life, and to develop a mindset and lifestyle that supports you, as you support others.

Whether you want to develop your leadership skills, look for the next step in your career, or get support to lead your team with confidence, I’m here to help you find solutions and establish a clear path forward.

In a complex work environment that is constantly changing, it’s vital to have a supportive ally you can trust, bounce ideas off and tackle problems with, so that your self-belief, resilience and confidence can withstand the rough and the smooth.

I can help with ;

Leadership development

Develop your capacity as a leader, and learn the range of skills needed to inspire, praise and challenge your team. I'll draw out your strengths, increase your confidence and support your growth, with plenty of time to reflect and find clarity 

 "Thank you for believing in me.


Develop a career that supports your values, mental and physical health. I’ll empower you to make the lifestyle and behaviour changes needed to find more fulfilment and balance.

Career progression

Make the next step in your career, with greater self-esteem, and more belief in your skills, gifts and talents. Develop the confidence to show others what you’re capable of and apply for that next job.

"She has the ability to focus on the essential elements of a situation with a laser-like clarity."  


Transition to another career, apply for new jobs in your existing field, or branch out on your own. Feel confident about your existing strengths, and develop the positive mindset to learn new skills and discover your next challenge.

Running a business 

As an experienced business mentor, I can support small and medium sized businesses relocating or setting up in Sussex, providing guidance and encouragement in these difficult times.

Not sure if coaching is for you?

I offer a free initial 45 minute consultation for you to ask questions, tell me about your concerns, find out how coaching can support you and see if we enjoy working together.

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