Putting well being at the heart of professional development

 As we return to a new normality after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing some huge challenges in how we support our staff and ensure their wellbeing whilst also offering professional learning and development opportunities.

It’s not enough anymore to offer training; we need to prioritise mental health at work, as well as team cohesion and motivation. As an experienced trainer and learning facilitator, I’m passionate about listening and giving people the opportunity to stop and reflect, so they can develop the positive mindset required for leadership.

I deliver tailored training packages for middle, senior and executive leaders, designed to build the professional skills, attitudes and behaviours required to support your company's vision. This can be followed up with individual coaching, customised to support each member of the team on their own leadership journey.

I can help with ;

Team well being

I can show you how to build  a solution-focused approach for your business which helps build team cohesion, prioritises wellbeing and sets a great example from the top down.  

Developing Leadership skills

I can support you and your team to overcome obstacles, re-frame difficult situations as positive opportunities, develop self-awareness, find perspective and reflect.

 "Thank you for believing in me."​

" I have found her a tower of strength."

Inspiring learning

I’ll support your teams to be inquisitive and solution-focused when fac​ed with problems and challenges. I’ll build your team members' confidence and motivation to apply for their next step or plan a new phase.

Encouraging Leaders of the future

As leaders we need to be aware of sustainability and succession planning. I’ll help you identify the talent of the future and keep those early career professionals engaged. 

   "She is able to ask 

insightful questions  and develop a constructive relationship based on professional respect."

Continuing Professional Development

I can help you encourage and promote a healthy learning culture in your company, leading to a more fulfilled workforce and enabling you to retain talent.


 I can support your senior leaders with time for self reflection, to develop their self awareness and feel more  empowered.


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