About me

Change comes from learning - and I'm an expert.

Making a difference has always been at the heart of my career. My 33 years’ experience as a teacher, trainer and learning facilitator includes seven years as a Headteacher and two years training teachers in rural India. As a West Sussex County Adviser for six years, I supported the quality of teaching and learning in schools across the country. I’ve delivered leadership and management training at UCL and in big companies across a variety of professions. I've learnt first hand how the caring professions are the best and hardest jobs at the same time.

As a leader, I became fascinated by the impact of coaching, and I went on to complete a Level 7 (MA level) qualification in Executive Leadership Coaching - the highest qualification you can get.

I have always been intrigued by what motivates us and how we thrive on new challenges with the right support. Teaching has given me a wealth of skills and expertise - emotional intelligence, empathy, adaptability, and the ability to deal with difficult situations - to name a few.

I’m passionate about using these skills to inspire the leaders of the future, and to empower you and your team to take control, solve problems and build resilience.

My approach

I have a deep empathy with people and can quickly build trust and rapport. As a leadership coach, I use a solution-focused approach to encourage you to find your own solutions and clarify next steps. I’ll help you see a purpose and understand that mistakes are human.

You won’t hear cliches about achieving your potential and being the best you can be. For me, becoming the best version of you means being empowered to make the right choices in your life, and achieve a well balanced and fulfilling lifestyle where your career doesn’t overwhelm all aspects of your life. 

What have colleagues said?

" Throughout my career I'll always stop and think, what would Amanda say? " 

My professional expertise

  • I’m a certified professional coach with a  Level 7 in Executive Leadership Coaching and Mentoring from ILM, through the British School of Coaching.
  • I have a postgraduate certificate - Level 5 in Leadership and Management

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