"Activating your inner strength"

       Take a step towards change.


You want a fulfilling career that creates positive change - to your team, to your company and to society. 

It's time to make the changes in your own life that will help you make a greater impact on the wider world.

I'm Amanda Harkey, a certified career and leadership coach based in Worthing.  I'm here to help you rediscover your self-belief, overcome barriers and find a sense of balance, so you can support others and thrive in a career you love.

  • Develop the professional and leadership skills to solve work challenges and lead your team with confidence
  • Move into the next step in your career, within your organisation or in your own business
  • Give your teams the support and tools to prioritise their wellbeing and mental health at work

I work with purpose-driven individuals and companies, offering coaching and training which inspires confidence and empowers change. 

Supporting Individuals 

Supporting Companies

What do clients say about my coaching and training?

"I feel much more confident in my abilities at work and at home."

"Amanda is very perceptive and really listens and works out what's underlying the problem."

"The support and questioning was consistently encouraging, insightful, relevant and purposeful."

" She paid close attention to what I was saying and was able to get me to reflect on things."


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